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Documentary: “America: Freedom to Fascism”. There is no law authorizing the income tax, a cabal of jewish international bankers conspiring to enslave America and the world in a tyrannical one world government aka “New World Order”

The Supreme Court ruled that the 16th Amendment did NOT authorize any new tax. All it did was change the way taxes could be apportioned. According to the original Constitution, if the Feds took...


Australian café charges a “man tax”

by DCG Twitter photo/@paigecardona It’s not mandatory. You could just ask if a man wanted to donate to the charity cause yet guess that wouldn’t make much of a feminist statement. From Fox News: A vegan cafe...


Canada Looking to Tax Small Business 93%?

by Martin Armstrong   The Finance Minister of Canada, Bill Morneau, has announced that the government is now targeting private corporations and fundamentally changing the way businesses are taxed. The Canadian government is focusing...