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UPDATE On The CRAIGSLIST Ad Concerning President Trump’s Arizona “Outside The Swamp Rally” In Arizona – Real Or Fake?

by Ruby Henley   This is an update to the following article:  http://investmentwatchblog.com/breaking-news-paid-actors-to-protest-at-president-trumps-arizona-rally-tonight/ This is an investigation into the validity of the Craigslist Ad which popped up in an Arizona newspaper before President Trump’s Rally...


Why Trump’s plan for Afghanistan will fail

by Fabius Maximus Summary: Trump has announced his new strategy for Afghanistan. It got bipartisan applause, except from those who want even larger escalation. Here are the reasons why it will fail. How pitiful that we...


Will They Haul Off Trump’s Statue, Too?

by BILL BONNER   POITOU, FRANCE – This week, we are talking about the perishable nature of gods. Yesterday, the city fathers of our hometown of Baltimore let it be known that it was time to...