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Tucker – Fed Courts Are Out of Control

Synopsis: I just can’t say enough about this great, great piece by Tucker Carlson last night on the ever-growing abuses by federal judges of proper role of our three branches of government. No one...


WH Deputy Press Sec. Raj Shah on Tucker Tonight, following today’s indictments: “When you see these efforts by Democrats pushing this collusion conspiracy, what they’re really doing, is doing the Russians’ dirty work for them”

The left has thought all along that Trump supporters were the ones manipulated by Russia. Looking more like they were the ones manipulated into protesting a democratically elected President. They will not be able...


Tucker – There Are No Proven Facts in Steele Dossier

Synopsis: It’s becoming increasingly clear that the entire Trump/Russia accusation was cooked up inside the White House as a way to smear Trump before his election. Subsequently, it has served as the infamous “insurance...