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PIERS MORGAN: You don’t have to like the US President, or the way he talks, tweets or behaves, to accept that Trump appears to be the only world leader out there right now with the steely determination to make his country safer from Islamist terrorism.

If it does indeed turn out that the people responsible for this latest attack on London were young men from Iraq and Syria who came through Britain’s own refugee programme, then maybe it’s time...


Antifa journalist tweets pictures of Lauren Southern and other journalists, identifies them as nazis so they get hunted and attacked, now whines, that his picture was published

Best part, on his FB page Sören complains about the “violent police state” that is Germany, while he himself incited violence… That’s the tweet to identify the “nazis”: https://twitter.com/SoerenKohlhuber/status/882980664299147264/photo/1 (https://archive.is/v6s4l)) here is his whining...