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Brexit and UK election impact UK housing

by GoldCore Growing evidence of slowdown in UK property market Slow-down in activity in UK housing market in run up to UK election Average UK house prices dropped in the three months to May...


BREAKING: ISIS just threantent to attack 8 countries. US, Russia, France, Belgium, UK, Canada, Australia and Italy!

The terrorist group Islamic State has tonight, new threats to the outside. These eight countries, including Belgium, as a target is called. http://static2.hln.be/static/photo/2017/1/13/3/20170607212540/media_xll_9782493.jpg http://www.hln.be/hln/nl/32616/Terreurdreiging-in-Belgie/article/detail/3176940/2017/06/07/Nieuwe-dreigboodschap-van-IS-tegen-Belgie.dhtml   h/t Smith & Wesson