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China uses e-packets for shipping cheapest rates -unfair to USA shippers, can’t compete & USPS is going broke! rate increase coming 1/21/18

The Postal Service is losing millions a year to help you buy cheap stuff from China https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/storyline/wp/2014/09/12/the-postal-service-is-losing-millions-a-year-to-help-you-buy-cheap-stuff-from-china/?utm_term=.0100830a1c74 […“I can’t believe our government would do this to undercut American sellers to help the Chinese sell...


USA Cuts $285 Million from UN Funding

by Chris Black It’s Christmas and we’ve just got word about one of the best-ever Christmas gifts a patriot could ever wish for: the US ambassador at the UN Nikki Haley just announced that...