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C-Span: The US has Intervened In AT LEAST 81 Foreign Elections Since World War 2 Not Counting Coups Or Military Intervention

https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4642712/senator-thom-tillis-81-us-interventions-elections US agencies have interfered with 81 elections not including coups. #CIA Overview: https://t.co/E5E9IvdbgU Study: https://t.co/wwPV5G9Jg8 — WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) March 20, 2017 “WOW” Congress Demands Investigation Into Obama Admin Meddling In Foreign Elections http://freebeacon.com/politics/congre…


Why Removing Trump Will Lead to Civil War

by Martin Armstrong QUESTION: Marty; It seems that the left is winning in preventing Trump from really reforming anything and the Republicans themselves are divided over Obamacare. Do you see this change? Thank you...