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Stock Buybacks: “Staggering Waste of Company Cash”

The evidence shows that when corporate executives initiate buyback programs of shares, the decisions are usually not born from rational analysis. The share price performance of corporations which invested in their own shares might...


Guy trolls IRS scammers waste their time

Ashton Bingham recently trolled a IRS scam-caller in expert fashion, in this video, filmed in Studio City, Los Angeles.Playing along with the scammer for the majority of the call, it’s only towards the end...


PA gov candidate slams George Soros after kicking out one of his spies from his son’s private event: “Mr. Soros, I have a message for you,” Wagner, also a waste management company executive, said. “I’m not going to back down from you or your bullies.”

  Foxnews reports: Pennsylvania State Sen. Scott Wagner (R-York) fired back at liberal billionaire George Soros after a group the activist funds allegedly sent a “tracker” to his private event. Wagner, the Republican primary front-runner to...