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Pentagon hides from responsibility to clean hazardous waste it makes. No other single entity -corporation,gov agency,or individual-is responsible for so much environmental degradation.

US military is poisoning American soil!!!40000 sites across USA. Pentagon routinely minimized responsibility,burning hazardous waste,which is outlawed for all others. via VOX: ProPublica months ago began investigating the scope of the environmental problems caused...


5 Examples Of Government Waste That Will Make You Angry

by Spencer P Morrison, NEE Highlights From Federal Fumbles: 5 Examples of Wasteful Government Spending US Senator James Lankford (R-OK) is a hero for his work exposing wasteful government spending.  For the last three years, the...


Stock Buybacks: “Staggering Waste of Company Cash”

The evidence shows that when corporate executives initiate buyback programs of shares, the decisions are usually not born from rational analysis. The share price performance of corporations which invested in their own shares might...