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The Global House of Cards Are Starting to Crumble: The Fed Looks To Exit Easy Money, Chinese Data Fails To Impress, And Japan And The Yen Are Hitting The Concrete Wall BIG TIME!!!

The Nikkei 225 has gone up like 40% since JANUARY!.

Money is flowing out of the bond market.

The Yen has devalued 25% this year.

25% devaluation when the year is almost halfway over is pointing towards something. I wonder if we will see more of this same trend, only growing exponentially faster.
In Weimar Germany, the stock market was one of the first refuges as people exited cash and bonds.

Let’s put it this […]

Our Country Is Heading Towards A Complete Meltdown of The Financial System As We Are Experiencing A Combination of Elements From Great Depression And Weimar Germany


Are we heading towards an Economic Collapse? Preparing for Financial Armageddon

Our county sits at over 16 trillion dollars in debt, with unfunded obligations that make the actual debt number about $120 trillion. The reality of the situation is there’s really no way out of the situation. Our government, thanks to both political parties, has spent us into a hole that we cannot dig ourselves out of. The facts, that nobody […]

All is in “recovery”. All is as it was yesterday. All is well

Brandon Smith
Alt Market
Feb 26, 2013

Whenever I endeavor to explain America’s current economic situation to a person who likely receives most of his information from skewed mainstream news sources, I try to use two comparisons; the Great Depression, and Weimar Germany, because what we are experiencing is actually a combination of elements from both events.  Some people, unfortunately, have little understanding of the Weimar hyperinflationary crisis, but at the very least, […]

Nothing At All, Then All at Once

Nothing At All, Then All at Once

by Adrian Ash


Friday, 8 February 2013


Where money was tight, suddenly it’s all arrived at once. Just like trouble does…

EVERYWHERE we look, investors suddenly see nothing but blue skies, plain sailing ahead. Their change of heart makes us nervous, writes Adrian Ash at BullionVault.


New York’s S&P index is back where it stood in July 2007 – right before the global credit crunch first bit, eating […]

What Happens When the Bond Markets Turn Against the US?

by Phoenix Capital Research


The US Fed is committed to keeping interest rates low for the simple fact that if interest rates were to rise then the payments on the debt would send the US into an EU-syle debt crisis along with the commensurate intense austerity measures being implemented.


Unfortunately for the Fed, the bond markets may indeed force this in spite of the Fed’s efforts.


Weimar Germany, like most historic episodes of […]