The Global House of Cards Are Starting to Crumble: The Fed Looks To Exit Easy Money, Chinese Data Fails To Impress, And Japan And The Yen Are Hitting The Concrete Wall BIG TIME!!!

The Nikkei 225 has gone up like 40% since JANUARY!.

Money is flowing out of the bond market.

The Yen has devalued 25% this year.

25% devaluation when the year is almost halfway over is pointing towards something. I wonder if we will see more of this same trend, only growing exponentially faster. In Weimar

Our Country Is Heading Towards A Complete Meltdown of The Financial System As We Are Experiencing A Combination of Elements From Great Depression And Weimar Germany


Are we heading towards an Economic Collapse? Preparing for Financial Armageddon

Our county sits at over 16 trillion dollars in debt, with unfunded obligations that make the actual debt number about $120 trillion. The reality of the situation is there’s really no way out of the situation. Our government, thanks to both political parties,

All is in “recovery”. All is as it was yesterday. All is well

Brandon Smith Alt Market Feb 26, 2013

Whenever I endeavor to explain America’s current economic situation to a person who likely receives most of his information from skewed mainstream news sources, I try to use two comparisons; the Great Depression, and Weimar Germany, because what we are experiencing is actually a combination of elements from

Nothing At All, Then All at Once

Nothing At All, Then All at Once

by Adrian Ash


Friday, 8 February 2013


Where money was tight, suddenly it’s all arrived at once. Just like trouble does…

EVERYWHERE we look, investors suddenly see nothing but blue skies, plain sailing ahead. Their change of heart makes us nervous, writes Adrian Ash at BullionVault.

What Happens When the Bond Markets Turn Against the US?

by Phoenix Capital Research


The US Fed is committed to keeping interest rates low for the simple fact that if interest rates were to rise then the payments on the debt would send the US into an EU-syle debt crisis along with the commensurate intense austerity measures being implemented.


Unfortunately for the Fed,


Last week’s news that the Bank of England had stopped Quantitative Easing early because it was not needed was a load of rubbish.  The truth is that it was stopped early because MORE COUNTERFEITING WAS NEEDED, and the BOE figured out a way to directly monetize the debt, while out of public scrutiny.  QE will continue TO

We’re Certainly At A Flashing Yellow Alert On Hyperinflation

Imagine prices at the food store and gas pump not just going up a few cents at a time, but doubling in a matter of months, weeks, or even days. October 16, 2012

David Zeiler: Too few understand just how disruptive hyperinflation in America would be. Truth is, it would be a nightmare.

In an episode



Our friend Sean from has released an interview with James Turk, Founder of GoldMoney from Spain discussing how the FED’s latest actions spell doom for the Dollar. James reminds us that what is happening in the United States RIGHT NOW thanks to the privately owned Central Bank always ends the same way: In disaster for the currency. We’ve

Get Ready For An Epic Fiat Currency Avalanche

What is it that makes Keynesians so insanely self destructive? Is it their mindless blind faith in the power of government? Their unfortunate ignorance of the mechanics of monetary stimulus? Their pompous self-righteousness derived from years of intellectual idiocy? Actually, I suspect all of these factors play a role. Needless to say, many of them

We Will Be Destroyed By Inflation That Paralyzes The Economy



Today legendary value investor Jean-Marie Eveillard, who oversees $60 billion, warned King World News that we are headed towards runaway inflation and an economy that will be become paralyzed by the enormous distortions created by this inflation.  Here is what Eveillard had to say:  “Inflation creates enormous distortions, and if you take the extreme

You Can Forget The ESM And The EFSF: Spain And Italy Are Toast Unless Germany Allows The ECB To Print Trillions Of Euros

by Michael

The financial chess game in Europe is still being played out, but in the end it is going to boil down to one very fundamental decision.  Is Germany going to allow the ECB to print up trillions of euros and use those euros to buy up the sovereign debt of troubled eurozone

Do we really get hyperinflation if we have central banks printing into a massive deleveraging economy? One in which we clearly have deflationary pressures?

It seems to me that hyperinflation is not assured.

The central banks are playing an impossible game. They are trying to inflate about as much as the economy deflates, to keep everything in “balance”.  Notice I said impossible.

If they over do it just a bit, we get a rapid positve feedback loop and end

This is beyond a recession since the 2008 Financial Crisis unfolded.

What we are witnessing is the Great Depression of the XXI Century. Recession is such a mild soothing word used by the manipulative Mainstream media to continue to tell the Sheeple that everything is alright.

With an unemployment rate of 23% and nearly $211 Trillion in Debt the United States along with the Eurozone Debt

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