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HUMA files for divorce from THE WEINER

It’s about time. Huma Abedin — repeatedly humiliated by disgraced sext-a-holic hubby Anthony Weiner — finally sued for divorce Friday. Abedin’s lawyers filed the papers, captioned “Anonymous vs. Anonymous,” in Manhattan Supreme Court just...


Jeff Sessions Advances Closer To AG, President Trump Tells Jason Chaffetz To Investigate Anything, NY Federal Prosecutor Preet Bharara Closer To Arresting Anthony Weiner – 1,2,3, GO!

by Pamela Williams Jeff Sessions advanced in the Senate today to becoming our new Attorney General. All that is left between Sessions and being Attorney General is the final vote in the Senate for...


Corsi: Hillary email scandal – FBI has SHUT DOWN the NYPD investigation, confiscated Weiners laptop, and is BLOCKING the NYPD from making any arrests in the Weiner “sexting” case involving an underage 15-year-old girl. – EVERYONE IS GETTING OFF ‘SCOTT-FREE’ – LADY JUSTICE has turned a BLIND EYE!

by DeadHead   If any charges come through now, they can be pardoned. That is how I am seeing it currently.   Since FBI Director James Comey closed the reopened criminal investigation in Hillary...