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1 in 7 Germans 32 & Younger Are Muslim; 80% Are On Welfare

by Spencer P Morrison Refugees Won’t Fix Germany’s Demographic Problems Germany’s population is declining, and this will cause economic problems—but increased immigration and accepting refugees (migrants) won’t fix it. In fact, by some estimates refugees have...


President Trump Bans Welfare For Immigrants

President Trump Bans Welfare For Immigrants President Trump is about to end the longstanding abuse of the American welfare system and ban migrants from getting free money and handouts for five years. The immigration...


FL, KY, and MO first to require drug testing for welfare

Here is one link from Utah. 250 or so people declined saving about $350K https://www.deseretnews.com/article/765637435/Utah-officials-say-welfare-drug-tests-save-money.html 1600 in Florida https://drugfree.org/learn/drug-and-alcohol-news/almost-1600-welfare-applicants-in-florida-decline-to-undergo-drug-testing/ There are more out there. I had a big post on it but can’t find...