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Mohamed El-Erian: US jobs data: hints for the global economy

from FT:


After last week’s horrible unemployment numbers from Europe, some may be tempted to downplay the monthly US jobs report coming out this Friday. That would be a big mistake. The data will help shed light on four issues that are central to the wellbeing of both America and the global economy.

First, some context. Almost five years after the global financial crisis began, western economies as a group still struggle [...]

STUDY: Chimps experience mid-life crisis


There comes a time in some men’s lives when the days seem darker, mortality more certain, and the only sensible response is to blow the life savings on a sportscar.

Radical and often ill-advised changes in lifestyle have become the calling cards of the midlife crisis, but if it is more than a myth, then humans may not be the only animals to experience it.

Now an international team of scientists [...]

Mohamed El-Erian: Time to decide whether Greece is in or out of the euro

From FT:

If Greece is to remain a eurozone member, we need greater emphasis on official debt forgiveness. If the objective is to safeguard Greece’s wellbeing outside the eurozone, there must be greater emphasis on returning Greece to a national currency while keeping the country in the European Union. Instead, Greece and the troika have opted again for the muddled middle – one that talks about sustainable eurozone membership but does [...]

Scientists reveal the secret to a happy marriage: Don’t forgive and forget, get angry instead

It is often said that it is better to forgive and forget.

But psychologists say actually getting angry can be the best way to solve relationship problems.

James McNulty, associate professor at the University of Tennessee, found that forgiving may actually build up resentment.

The key to a happy marriage: It is not always best to forgive and forget, say Florida researchers

He said the ‘short-term discomfort of an angry but honest conversation’ can [...]


By Farid Khavari


Healthcare costs are skyrocketing out of control, outpacing inflation at an ever-accelerating rate. Unless this trend is reversed, our obsolete healthcare system will destroy our economy and make healthcare less available in the bargain.


In other words, no healthcare system of any kind can survive unless we can control the rising cost. To bring cost under control, we must take a series of precision and effective, cost-cutting steps to [...]