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Obamacare II: The Future Is Paradise

Jon Rappoport June 29, 2012

When you’re a professional gardener, you don’t just throw expensive plants into the ground, you prepare the soil.

If I’ve been observing soil-preparation in the field of social and political engineering, that doesn’t make me a conspiracy advocate; it merely means I’ve been watching professionals at work.

For a long time.

These pros have been stimulating and creating trends that dovetail with Obamacare and […]

Marc Faber feels comfortable predicting calamity in Treasuries again given his inaccurate forecast in December 2009

Marc Faber, publisher of the Gloom, Boom and Doom report, spoke to Bloomberg Television’s Sara Eisen and Erik Schatzker and said that investors have created a “bubble” in the “highest-quality” government bonds and should move to equities.

Faber said, “People feel so insecure that they say, ‘I’d rather be in a Treasury in America with almost no yield or in Germany with negative yield and get my money back.’ But […]

Marc Faber Resumes Bloodfeud With Treasurys, Still Sees Entire Financial System Imploding

The only thing that is as consistent as Marc Faber’s message to get out of government bonds ahead of a bout of global hyperinflation which will arrive once the vicious cycle of printing to pay interest finally dawns (which in turn would happen once central planners lose control of an artificially created situation, which by definition, always eventually happens), is the passion with which he repeats it over… and over… […]


Written By Jennifer Booton

Published December 23, 2011


(Foxbusiness) Theft in retail stores was up to its highest level in four years in 2011, and it seems shoplifters picked up the pace in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Shoplifting, employee or supplier fraud and organized retail crime cost the U.S. retail industry $119 billion in 2011, or 1.45% of sales. That rate is 6.6% higher than the previous year, […]


From Washington Times:

Staffers of Rep. Rick Larsen boasted over Twitter that they were drinking and otherwise goofing off on the job, according to a story in the NW Daily Marker.

The website said the tweets gave off the impression of “a staffers-gone-wild bash” in the Washington Democrat’s office, including insults lobbed at the congressman himself.

“My coworker just took a shot of Jack crouching behind my desk,” one staffer tweeted, apparently […]

The 40-year Mystery of America’s Greatest Skyjacking [The FBI Hunt for DB Cooper]

After hijacking an aeroplane and extorting $200,000 from the FBI, DB Cooper coolly made his escape via parachute. Forty years on, is America’s most elusive fugitive finally in sight?

The night before Thanksgiving, 1971, a man calling himself Dan Cooper, wearing a suit and raincoat, walked up to the Northwest Orient desk at Portland airport in the United State’s Pacific Northwest and spent $20 on a one-way ticket to Seattle.


Yummy! KFC China to Offer Irish Cream-Infused Chicken

The Orient once again transcends culinary norms with China’s introduction of an Irish staple on an American food. The victim? Good ol’ KFC, doused with…Bailey’s Irish Cream?

This unique item is part of the “Taste of Ireland” campaign being run by KFC China and involves “splashing” standard KFC chicken (according to the video) with Bailey’s Irish Cream, which is essentially dumbed down whiskey. Chicken and whiskey. Yum.

The microsite for […]

Must Read: Howard Marks’ Take On Gold: “I have no doubt: gold is the ideal investment”

by zh

The Oaktree Chairman presents one the better comprehensive pieces on the precious metal, laying out both the pros and cons. Presenting the current broad schizophrenia when debating the value of of gold, Marks, in a comparative allegory to 1952 opinion of Noah “Soggy” Sweat on whiskey, Marks states: “I have no doubt: gold is the ideal investment“…yet…”Gold has no financial value other than that which people accord it, […]

“The government is best which governs least.” — Thomas Jefferson

It is even more true today. We have allowed the government to grow to an outrageous and uncontrollable size. Those who should represent us instead represent and support special interests, usually to our detriment. Those who should represent us instead have become an elite that no longer understand us or our needs, though we are the majority and should be the controlling force! Corruption and incompetence run rampant.

“Ancient Rome […]