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Executive order 13,526 WRITTEN BY OBAMA states that the president can share classified info with whomever he wants to. Because he is the head of the executive branch it is the right of the president to classify or declassify info as he sees fit, no law against it.

The President Executive Order 13526 ]\’ Classified National Security Information Memorandum December 29, 2009 Part 1 – Original Classification Part 2 – Derivative Classification Part 3 – Declassification and Downgrading Part 4 – Safeguarding...


The ‘Jaffe Memo’ – A 9 Page Memo written in 1969 by Frederick Jaffe, which outlined various proposals for reducing fertility, including promoting homosexuality and using fertility control agents in the water supply.

In 1969, Frederick Jaffe, the Vice-President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, sent a 9-page memo to Bernard Berelson, President of the Population Council, which outlined the various proposals under consideration by the eugenicists...