BREAKING: Cyprus, Troika Agree On 40% Haircut On Wealthy Depositors!!! BANK RUN IMMINENT!! Russian Leader Warns, “Get All Money Out Of Western Banks Now!”

Cyprus told: take bank levy or leave euro

President, eurozone finance ministers and bailout troika hold emergency meeting as €100 limit imposed on ATM withdrawals

Wealthy Russians stand to lose billions of euros in Cypriot banks under draconian terms being hammered out on Sunday night in Brussels to prevent the Mediterranean tax haven becoming the first country forced out of the single currency.

Negotiations got underway amid a hardening of the stance held by the International Monetary Fund and Germany, who insisted that depositors must take the hit for bailing out the eurozone’s latest crisis economy.

SYDNEY (MarketWatch) — Cyprus and its institutional lenders have reached a bailout deal, according to reports citing European Union officials. As part of the agreement the country will impose a 40% haircut on Bank of Cyprus depositors holding more than 100,000 euros ($129,760) in their accounts, Agence France Presse reported.

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FIERCE negotiations to resurrect a deal for the EU and the IMF to bail out Cyprus appear to have wrapped up early, President Nicos Anastasiades has indicated on Twitter.

“Efforts have culminated”, read a translation from the Greek, with EU sources subsequently stating that a preliminary agreement is in place to hit Bank of Cyprus depositors with a massive 40 per cent “haircut” on deposits of more than 100,000 euros pending endorsement by Eurogroup finance ministers.

Russian Leader Warns, “Get All Money Out Of Western Banks Now!”


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