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Tennessee police to perform “no refusal” blood-draw DUI checkpoints this Labor Day

TENNESSEE — Labor Day: another holiday, another excuse to push the limits of the police power over citizens. All across the state, Tennessee police will be performing another round of highly-publicized “no refusal” blood-draw DUI checkpoints this weekend. With police armed with a 2012 law that allows them to forcibly extract blood from drivers, its a bad time to be a citizen who does not consent to searches.…

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  • TR

    Tennessee citizens submitting to Police intrusions from a RED state govt. If one is sober but “suspected” they can be forced to submit to a blood test. I guess TN. citizens won’t do anything to stop this but to “VOLUNTEER”. How many TN. Rep/Con/Teas are getting some form of Govt. assistance. Suck that TEAT!