Tennessee sets new laws, moving in right direction for personal freedom and protection!

I’m proud of my home state of Tennessee for continuing to set the standard for promoting personal freedom and protection, while the many other States in the Union are going the opposite direction. Here are a few of the new laws. 

1. As of July 1, people who are legally able to possess a gun under state and federal law, you can keep a loaded handgun, shotgun or rifle in a car or truck you legally possess, even without a carry permit


2. It’s now legal throughout the state to possess, own, sell, transfer and transport switchblades and knives with blades over 4 inches long.

3. A law passed in April requires law enforcement to get a warrant before searching a cell phone. 

4. A new measure clarifies that school districts can teach the history of Christmas and “traditional winter celebrations,” as well as put up displays and let students and staff exchange traditional greetings. 

5. A bystander who breaks a window to remove a child from a locked car would be immune from civil liability, under a law passed in April.

6. “Amelia’s Law” clarifies that judges can order offenders or parolees to wear transdermal or other monitoring devices after release. 


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