“That Would Be Stupid!” Gowdy Roasts FBI Director Wray On Anti-Trump Agents

by Thinker

There are those who seek the truth and those who wish to hide it. When it comes to the peoples politician Trey Gowdy, all he wants is the truth. How many of the deep state politicians who don’t stand for the people, but corruption and lies will Gowdy expose. It is a sad time in a nation when one by one peoples politician has to show them that there are those who are not working in the best interests of the United States. The only FBI agent that the people can trust is locked away in the Clinton Federal Prison to keep the truth about the department and about deep state corruption.

“He’s a COMPLETE SELL OUT” Trey Gowdy OBLITERATES Rosenstein with Hannity over FBI Bias denial

What is happening in the United States is two powers at war for power. One is legitimete and the other more illegal and actions that are now showing signs of terrorism against the American people. Actions of every individual will show the true content of their character, not the clothes, house, car, or job!

Who in government has shown by action, that it isn’t the people they serve.


Who should lead the FBI?

The only agent who has gone to jail for exposing corruption at the top, and to prevent his testimony on the Iran Contra Affair that would have brought down a president and prevented his son from being elected. Why is one of the most honorable FBI Agents still locked away on petty charges? Ask all the organizations that want him to stay there!

New York FBI: In Bed With Mob & CIA

Exclusive Report by Sander Hicks

Published by The New York Megaphone, debut issue, June/July 2006

On June 16th, 2006, citizen researcher Angela Clemente was found knocked out and strangled to within an inch of her life in Brooklyn. Her independent research had led to the March 30th indictment of Lindley DeVecchio, a Mob/FBI scandal that is the New York FBI’s biggest ever. DeVecchio, a retired FBI agent, was accused of four murders, rubbing out the opponents of Mafia don Greg Scarpa, Sr. To date, The New York Post has done a commendable job on the story, while The New York Times has all but ignored it.


Perhaps because there’s: