The 2 Billion Dollar Hole – Our Government Sure Knows How To Waste Money

I was listening to an old Art Bell interview with Michio Kaku and they were discussing the large hadron collider. Back when Reagan was president, he wanted to build a super collider, bigger than the one built now. They allocated 1 billion dollars to dig the hole…1 Billion Dollars. They went on to dig the hole.

Things didn’t work out for this super collider and the plans were scrapped. So….they allocated another 1 billion dollars to fill the hole…Another 1 Billion Dollars.

Dig Hole – 1 Billion
Fill Hole – 1 Billion
Total – 2 Billion Dollars

Fucken Beautiful.

Here’s the interview…go to roughly 14:35 to hear the story.

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During the design and the first construction stage, a heated debate ensued about the high cost of the project (the last estimate was $8.25 billion). An especially recurrent argument was the contrast with NASA’s contribution to the International Space Station, which was of similar amount. Critics of the project argued that the US could not afford both of them.

But in 1993 after investing over $2 billion dollars into the project, President Clinton and Congress cancelled it entirely. Highly sophisticated machinery and laboratories were simply sold to the highest bidder, and thousands of acres of empty land were parceled off and sold as well. All that now remains are 200,000 square feet of still-vacant factories and labs, and over 30 km of carved-rock tunnels slowly filling with water.

The part in bold I find interesting…I wonder if there have been any minor quakes and/or sinkholes in the area.