The 2nd Amendment Is Under Attack: California 

Richter 9+ in California please.

“2,800 people in California were killed last year by gunfire,” Skinner said. “It is easier to buy bullets than cough medicine or alcohol. It should not be that easy. We need to have much more scrutiny when it comes to the purchase of guns.”

Monday she unveiled Assembly Bill 48. It would require bullet buyers to show identification. It would also require ammunition dealers to be licensed and report all sales to the department of justice.

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She’s counting those who commit suicide, of course.

That people believe one wouldn’t, oh, jump off a bridge (gee, there aren’t any convenient ones in California, are there?) rather than blow their brains out is kinda stupid.   What is the old joke about IQs and shoe sizes again?

So let’s confine this to the 11,000 or so homicides.  And I’ll leave in the gang-bangers, which are fully 75% of those homicides, which we created through the “war on some drugs.”

So ok, 11,000 dead people.  That’s bad.



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