The 3 Reasons You Can’t Find a Job, All have ONE Common Factor: Government Interference

Are you a college graduate fed up with the uncertainty and stress of the job hunt? Have you been sitting in Starbucks for days, sipping lattes and hopelessly sending out job application after job application? You’re certainly not alone. There are 11.7 million unemployed people struggling to find a job in America. Prof. Carrie Kerekes presents three reasons finding a job in today’s market is so difficult: a mismatch of skills, government regulations, and uncertainty in the market. These three things all have one common factor: government interference.


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  • Bilderberg CEO

    I have a small business that does great work for the local community, but I’m giving it up because the red tape.

  • walter conell

    I’d like to hire employees and expand, but decided not to. The government just makes it too costly and risky. I’d rather do with less than loose the business.
    Government has no idea how to run a business- why do they control it?
    Government loses money on everything they do. They do not profit- they take (steal) their income by forcing taxes and do not have to produce or be productive. They are the biggest welfare program going on today.
    If we could just get rid of government intrusion, this country could once more be prosperous and grow into the great nation it used to be.

    • Larry

      Could not have said it better!!

  • Thinker

    WHAT? ” 11.7 million out of work? LOLOLOL What a load. There are 101 MILLION working age adults in the US who do not have a job.

    There are many reasons, none of the biggest even mentioned, like the NAFTA GATT ‘free trade’ bs that’s killed jobs, or the tens of millions of illegals here and many other factors. This is bs.

    • Thinker

      Add the health care bs bill that’s going to cost the average family 20k per year is yet another factor for employers not hiring. Side note, that ‘amnesty’ bill is going to have forced biometrics for All Americans. Time to pay attention.