The Absurdity of the Las Vegas Shooting.

Let’s look at the ridiculousness of this case thus far.

  1. Stephen Paddock was a professional gambler who made a living off of video poker. A successful casino gambler can only be found riding unicorns. Supposedly a rich real estate guy, but no one knows of any holdings or transactions in his name. Throughout his employment career, he worked for the post office and the IRS. It seems they pay extremely well since real estate investing needs quite a bit of seed money.
  2. Jesus Campos was security guard who was shot when he knocked on the door of Paddocks room. But only, he wasn’t shot then, but 6 minutes before the shooting began. And didn’t bring the police/security to the room until 58 people were dead and nearly 500 people were critically injured.
  3. Jesus Campos’s is guarded by someone who works for a non-existent security company with no physical address and who’s license to operate ran out last year.
  4. Stephen Paddock’s house gets robbed while the FBI is combing over it for evidence…. No further words needed here.
  5. Jesus Campos disappears right before he is to give 5 interviews, including Hannity. No one, including the FBI, knows where he is. So the FBI has lost the KEY witness to their investigation. Meanwhile, scary guys guarding his house 24 hours a day.
  6. Jesus Campos drives a new Corvette with no license plate and whose registration points to 2006, on a security guard salary.
  7. Hotel casinos, the single most extensively surveilled buildings in the world, can not produce even ONE clip of Paddock going on about his business.
  8. Has 23 guns and dozens of loaded magazines. But takes over a minute between volleys of fire.
  9. No trails of social media exists for Stephen Paddock. Nothing at all. Paddock must have not known that the internet existed.
  10. The media is continually pushing the narrative “we may never know his motives” over and over again, as if they’re trying to tell us something. hmmm…

Is anyone buying this? Is anyone foolish enough to think that this was a planned mass murder by a crazy guy?

Anyone wanna add to the list?



h/t psy_raven