The angelic pastor’s son, 15, who turned into a video-game obsessed loner who killed his parents and three siblings before failed WalMart shooting spree

  • Nehemiah Griego, 15, arrested and charged with shooting his relatives
  • Said after killing his parents and three younger siblings he ‘reloaded the weapons and then planned to drive to a busy place and kill more people’
  • Planned on going to local Walmart to carry out shooting spree
  • Unclear if he did actually go to the store or what stopped him
  • Sheriff’s office identifies victims as former pastor Gregory Griego, 51, his wife Sara, 40, and their three youngest children Zephania, 9, Jael, 5, and Angelina, 2
  • Each victim was shot multiple times and police found multiple weapons at the Albuquerque scene including a military-style assault weapon


An angelic new picture has been released of Nehemiah Griego, the 15-year-old pastor’s son who allegedly gunned down his parents and three younger siblings in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Saturday.

Wearing a smart suit and pulling a slight smile for the camera, the undated photograph has been released amid claims Griego was a military obsessed loner who enjoyed playing violent video games like Modern Warfare and Grand Theft Auto.

‘The suspect was involved heavily in games, violent games- and was quite excited as he got the opportunity to discuss them with our investigators,’ sheriff Dan Houston said at a Tuesday press conference about the shooting.

Local residents of the teenager described a lonesome boy who was always wearing camouflage fatigues and admited to police he had been plagued by suicidal and homicidal thoughts.

Neighbours said they would often see Griego by himself and he appears on an online dating site called, wearing military garb.

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