The Banker Purge Continues: Global Banking System is Now Operating at DEFCON1

The global banking system has entered DEFCON1 and is in self-preservation mode as banker deaths continue to surge. We explore why we can sadly expect the number of banker deaths to intensify over the coming months as well as additional curious facts about the death of JPMorgan banker Gabriel Magee brought to light recently by his parents.


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  • johncullison

    I don’t see what all the brouhaha is. A few dead bankers sounds like a good start, really. We just need to make sure ALL of them, uh, “have sudden, irresistible pangs of conscience” or whatever. If there aren’t any more of them around to buy the corrupt politicians and corrupt judges, and direct the hiring of easily corrupted, morally bankrupt (and sufficiently non-intelligent) police officers in place of decent people, and start the wars, and fund the poisoning of our food supply and the environment, etc., etc., etc., we might actually have a chance.

  • Strum

    Where is the proof these bankers have actually died?
    Wasn’t a banker in England caught recently after faking his own death?

  • ©?@®£€$ ?€N€¥

    What looks unusual about the list of names of 7 recent banker suicides???
    Dennis Li Junjie,
    Ryan Crane,
    Gabriel Magee,
    William Broeksmit,
    Karl Slym,
    Mike Dueker,
    Richard Talley
    I don’t see any Jewish sounding names on that list.