The Central Bankers who control the all governments by bribing the politicians, have a 100% goal of pure oppression of the people to protect their scam, which is that they privately create the entire Currency Supply out of thin air as debt to themselves.

Weather it is creating the European Union (EU), creating and funding ISIS, doing 9/11, or sneaking Nagalase into the vaccines, the Central Bankers who are Globalists are trying as hard as they can simply to OPPRESS The People. Whatever is it they will do it as long as it OPPRESSES The People, depopulation? Of course. Fluoride in the water? Totally. This is THEIR plan, and it ALL comes down to ONE thing. That one thing that they are trying to protect by OPPRESSION of The People is that they privately create the entire Currency Supply out of thin air as debt to themselves.

Currently, the Central Bankers who are Globalists, control the entire economy because they control the amount of Currency in circulation, so they can easily cause inflations and depressions anytime they want, and they do this to intentionally crash the economy so the People are forced to sell off their REAL wealth, like land and real estate, to afford necessities, then the Central Bankers either repossess or buy up all these things that have REAL value on the cheap, this is one way ALL the REAL wealth is being transferred to the Central Bankers. The other way is that they get all the Currency they create out of thin air back, when it is paid back to them with interest, they did NO WORK for this, and are receiving UNLIMITED Currency to buy everything of REAL value, like land and precious metals and also using it to bribe the politicians.

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They don’t want the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 repealed, which UnConstitutionally took the Power to Create the Currency away from We The People and gave it to actually Jews, the Jews who already were the owners all the big banks. The Talmud, the Jews holy book, and the Koran the Muslims hoy book, BOTH Mandate Globalism, Ruling of the World, for each of these groups respectively. This is why the Jews are using the Power to Create the Currency to OPPRESS We The People.

We MUST take the Power to Create the Currency BACK to We The People.

So what MUST be done? Simple, the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 MUST be repealed and the Highest Power On Earth, which is The Power To Print/Create the money MUST be taken back to Congress as the Constitution mandates and a Sovereign American Fiat Currency created, so that the government can lend the money to banks, and use the interest to building infrastructure, and social security completely without debt. This Sovereign Currency doesn’t need to be backed by precious metals, nor should it, it should ONLY be backed by the fact that it is Legal Tender used in the payment of Work of We The People, who are strong, smart, and hardworking, thus by extension the economy would be strong.

This is ALL about OPPRESSION of The People, and the politicians are supporting the Central Bankers because they are being bribed.

Understand that.

Vote TRUMP who is TRUTH and TRIUMPH!!!!!





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