The Children Going Hungry In America, Gold Confiscation

America’s ‘invincible’ city brought to its knees by poverty, violence

In America’s most dangerous and poorest city, Camden, N.J., bullet holes are visible in a church’s stained glass window, crosses commemorating the murdered line the outside of city hall and the police staff is so outnumbered and outgunned, drug deals occur in the open. Rock Center’s Brian Williams visits Camden and talks to those fighting to turn around the forgotten city.

Governments Worldwide are Implementing Orwellian Gold Confiscation Today. You Just Haven’t Realized it Yet.

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Bulgaria suffers massive power shortage

Sofia—In a rundown area on the edge of Bulgaria’s capital, where violent protests over power prices brought down the government last month, some residents are risking their lives and their neighbours’ wrath to steal electricity.

The children going hungry in America

Child poverty in the US has reached record levels, with almost 17 million children now affected. A growing number are also going hungry on a daily basis.


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