The Clinton Foundation collected over $2 billion and consumed 94% of that cash in “mysterious” expenses.

‘Clinton Cash’ Author Peter Schweizer Confirms: Clinton Foundation Gives Only Six Percent to Charity

Schweizer said reports that the Clinton Foundation has spent as little as six percent of its total income on actual charitable endeavors were quite plausible:

If you actually look at the numbers of their filings and 990s, that’s what it indicates. Now, what the Clinton Foundation will say is, “Yes, we take in $200 million, let’s say, and we only take $12 million of that and give it to charitable groups like Doctors Without Borders, and the Red Cross, et cetera.” But what they’ll say is, the remaining 94 percent goes for all these charitable activities that we are doing,

The problem is, when you start drilling down on what, precisely, those charitable activities are, and what they have to show for it, it gets really, really fuzzy and hazy. So you’ll have some charities like Doctors Without Borders will say, “We immunized 100,000 kids last year.” And you can look at that. That’s a very clear metric. Okay, here’s where they did it. They were in sub-Saharan Africa. They had all these doctors.

The Clinton Foundation will say, “We assisted or facilitated in 100,000 kids getting immunizations.” Well, okay, what does that mean? And they don’t really tell you. They don’t really explain to you how it works.

So the number is absolutely correct, that six percent goes to other charities. The other 94 percent is in this stew of marketing, and management, and travel expenses, and sort of all these obscure things, that it’s really hard to dissect what is the end result of that 94 percent being spent.

For the purposes of comparison, Marlow recalled research indicating the Salvation Army spends about 90 percent of its income on verifiable charitable endeavors, while even the notoriously inefficient federal welfare system gets a far higher percentage of its funding to those in need than the Clinton Foundation does.

He recommended using Charity Navigator to evaluate organizations before making donations and observed they no longer attempt to evaluate the Clinton Foundation, after delivering some extremely poor ratings.

Clinton Foundation shuns veterans groups for foreign causes that allow less transparency

The Clinton Foundation has collected more than $2 billion in revenue since it formed — but has given only the tiniest fraction to veterans groups, instead preferring to focus on international causes and in-house operations that provide far more control and less transparency.

Meanwhile, a separate private charity, the Clinton Family Foundation, has donated about $100,000 to veterans groups, according to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Rival Donald Trump’s charitable giving to veterans has come under scrutiny since he promised to raise millions for the cause at a January rally in Iowa. Reports questioned whether he followed through, forcing him to release a list of organizations and dollar amounts he gave — including a $1 million check of his own.

Far less attention has been given to the Clintons’ charitable giving to veterans through their own organizations, and particularly the main Clinton Foundation and its close affiliate, the Clinton Global Initiative.

An examination of the foundation’s 990s, the IRS form that tax-exempt 501(c)3 charities must file annually, do not show any direct grants to veterans groups since 1998, when President Bill Clinton established the organization.

Where did all the money go?

“What does your sign say? Bill Clinton, where is the money?” Clinton Corruption Protested by Haitians at DNC:

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