The Collapse Of The United States Has Been Written Into Law! It Is Baked Into The Cake Already. Listen, Learn

The collapse of the United States is written into law.

While some question if it will happen, they fail to realize the ship has already sailed so to speak. It not only will happen, it is happening, and in history will be written as already happened.

Listen, then prepare accordingly.

29 trillion given to banks since 2008, this is an old figure perhaps more now.

17 trillion, (the official debt)

Niall Ferguson: US Unfunded Liabilities Top $238 TRILLION!! (old data, expect worse)

228 trillion in derivatives exposure by the 9 largest U.S. banks, (warning this is old data now, expect it to be worse)

5 Trillion sent overseas during the bailouts!

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Federal Reserve employee speaks up to reveal the truth behind it all.

More legal proof that the collapse has been legally written into LAW!

The utter collapse is written into the LAW of the land.

The collapse, that according to your government will never happen, is written into law.

Preparing for such an event as a collapse is conspiracy tin foil hat stuff. Preparing for economic collapse is completely idiotic.

Only a fool would go out and stock up on guns, bullets, tanks, drones, and rewrite laws.

Preppers are crazy, which makes the government the craziest of the crazies. the biggest prepper of all. The Government.

They are preparing.

They prepared the laws
they prepared the bullets
they prepared the drones
they prepared the NSA
they prepared the portable guard posts
they prepared the meals ready to eat
they prepared the coffins
they prepared the camps
they prepared the troops, the organizations
they prepared the police

They even built themselves doomsday bunkers, the largest in the world.

What do you think is coming next?



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