The Coming Celestial Convergence

Here is my paper on what may be coming. Even the governments of the world are extremely worried about this possible event.

The Coming Celestial Convergence

“If the power is affected… it will be a long time down… most communications will be down far longer.”

“The solar system entering the interstellar cloud causing the slowing of the sun conveyor leading to increased CME activity initiating a sustained ion exchange flow to the planets via amplified flux transfer events.”

“A normal CME is a discharge of plasma… it travels through space and encounters the protective shield (magnetosphere) of earth and mostly deflects around the earth……Instead of just a discharge event, the exchange would become a continuous stream using themagnetized cloud as a conductive pathway, if this has merit then a continuous solar stream would be a lot different than a CME discharge…

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…It would be a sustained plasma exchange.”

If you are interested in a less condensed paper, coming close to 100 pages and beautiful tangents on this science, including ancient texts, then go here.
The Coming


Impacts of Severe Space Weather on the Electric Grid.

Study done by J.A.S.O.N. and dated 11/11

Don’t know who J.A.S.O.N. is?
The Jason Group is the elite of the scientific field.

Also, Google JASON and the Quest of the Order.


– Septenary Man


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