The Cure To Madness: We Are In The Grips Of A Psychosis. The Whole Banking Thing Is An Extreme Example Of The Despotism Of The Left Brain.

We are only using one of two brains. I am sure Christine la Guard and her peers think that their world views are sound. They are not. They are the product of a florid madness, up to and including lack of insight.

What they need is a good dose of Ayahuasca,  which is why it is banned. The Left brain knows that Ayahuasca will be fatal to its power, and is terrified.

Once again Dr. McGilchrist.


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  • freewheelinfranklin543

    My brain is firin on both cylinders,right and left.

  • altmail

    As children we are all brainwashed, by our brainwashed parents and the education system and delusional adults representing organized religion, to believe and except multiple myths and falsehoods, ( outright lies ).

    The, Jewish Organized Crime owned, Central Banking System is the most, in your face, criminal scheme every perpetrated on the public.

    Never forget that it only works and they only get away with it because we were and are still indoctrinated into believing it is a just system.

    If they can sell you religion, and they have, they can sell you Sandy Hook, 9/11, 7/7 and Central Banking.

    It only works if the majority have non-functioning brains and cooperate!

    They source of the problem is Jewish Organized Crime but, the problem only exists because the stupid masses except their criminal system.

  • desertspeaks

    It’s not madness, its FRAUD.. look up the credit river case and discover the fact that banks illegally create money out of thin air every single time someone takes out what is supposed to be a loan!
    Nothing was loaned! Even if every single bank loan in this country went unpaid, the banks would not lose one single penny!

    • Jason Calley

      Hey desertspeaks! Yes, it is fraud, pure and simple. In fact, it is so simple, and so blatant, that it is difficult to understand at first. In essence, they are counterfeiting money; they make an entry into their computers and that fraudulent entry is treated as if it were real money accumulated by real labor and productive activity. The person who takes the loan must then pay back the counterfeit loan — with interest! When the bank receives the payments, the principle is canceled out on their books but two things have changed. First, the bank now has real money in their pockets because of the interest paid. The counterfeit money, even though it has been canceled on the bank’s books, has (for the duration of the loan) distorted the market for goods and services and its effects are rippling through the economy.

      And of course we have not even discussed the political effects of having private banks able to create money for influencing votes and politicians.

      Imagine that you had the ability to legally print your own money and loan it out — the only condition being that you would have to give back the counterfeit money at some distant time in the future, but could keep any profits that you made from loans and investments. That is exactly what banks do.

  • hvaiallverden

    Belive me, I dont count my self as religious at all, what I have talked about is human mental powers, and how it works as far I know.
    Reality, yea, the mentaly coward people is the one screaming about religion, well they are in essence right, exept that this blaming the religion instead of individuals is the New Inn.
    Like anyone from the levante doing anything, is automaticly a Muslim, and of course ALL muslims are like that.
    By ignorant smucks and those that belive everything they read in the MSM.

    Second, ayohuanasca is an brutal one, like the datura I have tested, 100% tripping, and this wil change anything you think you know, I know of people coming out of the refigurator for 3 days.
    And ups, its an halusiogenic, yea, to me, whom have been there, this perspetion is utter bollocs, and rests upon coward people whom is deeply fearing their own reality, altering anything and they freak out.
    I have been running DOWN mountains high on Mushrom and you cans ee life glow, other mushroms are like flashlights in the forrest and so on.

    All this have shown me all I need to know, this reality is just a thin mebran away from an totall different reality.
    I dont debate religion anymore, not only boring, unintressting, but comepletely bonkers, where strawmens, adhomeniems are flying, and I dont talk about God, since my God isnt their God. My is the same as the Brahman.
    And thats it.
    Angels is something else.