The current costs of operating a Carrier Group is not readily available by the Navy or the GAO. They do state that the cost of operating a carrier group was $1.6Billion in 1998.

So taking average CPI/GDP appreciation that 1.6Billion conservatively represents $2.35Billion today, which is $6.43Million per day.  Now we’ve got 3 carriers surrounding Iran at a cost of $19.29Million per day.  Iran’s entire GDP is $331Billion/year.  So all we’ve got to do is get Iran to pay $20Million/day or $7.3Billion/year which is only 2.2% of their GDP and they can keep getting this wonderful US enhanced protection while the US breaks even!  If IRAN would just cough up the 2.2%… well even Israel wouldn’t fuck with them.

Oh wait… we provide free security for Israel too…  $3.2Billion in 2010.  Their GDP is $221Billion/year and $3.2Billion is only 1.4% of their GDP.  So maybe we could just get Iran to pay Israel the $3.2Billion, if Israel provides the enhanced protection.  Hell then Saudi Arabia wouldn’t even fuck w/ Iran.  And the $3.2Billion is only 0.96% of Iran’s GDP and a hell of a lot cheaper than paying the $7.3Billion US price-tag.

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So the US continues to conjure make-believe money and provide Free Security World-wide!  Hell, why doesn’t Blackwater/XE/Academia provide Free Security???  It’s the fuckin’ American Way!

Here’s a thought.  We’ve got 10 Nimitz Class Carriers still operating… The last one we built in 2009 cost $6.2Billion  If we could sell a couple of the older ones for half that (firesale prices), we could operate 3 of the newer ones for a year and then blow up the ones we sold on the other country’s dime!

Ron Paul is trying to tell us the truth… Neither Iran nor Israel is gonna pay the US shit, and we can’t afford to provide free security for IRAN & ISRAEL.  Oh wait… ‘The Bernank’ can afford it.  He’s got all that make-believe money…  and you and I are paying the interest.

It all ends when the world finally says, “What the fuck am I doing business with the US and their make-believe money.”  You think Rome fell because they were invaded by the Huns? The Huns were their employees.  Rome fell because it couldn’t pay it’s fucking bills!

– cramers_tears


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