The dangerous drift towards world war in Asia

At ground zero in Hiroshima the inscription for victims of the world’s first Atomic bomb is a pledge. We will never again repeat the evil of war.

by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Telegraph:

The Japanese original is vague on who “we” is, but the English translation tactfully refers to mankind as a whole.

Families come from all over Japan in a pilgrimage to visit the peace shrine. They look through the Cenotaph to the “A-Dome”, the old Industrial Promotion Hall. This six-story building that was directly below the blast, 600 metres above, and for that reason survived as a gaunt half-wrecked structure when almost everything else was flattened instantly for a radius of two kilometres.

They walk through the museum in total silence learning the details of what happened on August 1945, and the gruesome aftermath. The learn about the 2000 degree heat shock that lasted three seconds and incinerated anybody in the epicentre instantly, but left those in the suburbs to die more slowly with burnt skin hanging from their bodies.

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