The “Dark Money” Agenda Of The Money Masters (with Rob Kirby)

Josh Sigurdson and John Sneisen talk with Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics about the vast manipulation of the monetary system and markets throughout the world as the fiat system reaches its inevitable end. With trillions of dollars in hidden dark money brought on the shoulders of so-called free individuals by the Federal Reserve, Treasury and Exchange Stabilization Fund, there is a nefarious plot at hand and understanding is a massive part of overcoming it.

First we talk with Mr. Kirby about the vast manipulation of gold and silver as the paper ETF market and the ESF force the price of gold and silver down as physical sales rise. It’s the beach ball effect of pushing a ball under water building pressure. The bull market is artificially bearish but the long term fate of gold and silver, once the pressure is release as the banking system comes crashing down will be enormous.

We then go into the cryptocurrency market as we’ve seen a rise from a total market cap of 17 billion in January and now see the value rise above 350 billion dollars. Bitcoin has been adopted by very few on the wide scale of things and shows potential to skyrocket far higher than we currently see around 11-12k.

Kirby goes into what it means for the fiat system as well as the derivatives and bond markets. Bitcoin is simply an example of the end of the fiat systems around the world and it’s only the beginning.

Mr. Kirby also debunks the “Bitcoin is a bubble” myth while calling out the REAL bubbles we see in the markets and within the monetary system.

We then go into the centrally planned cashless system, China’s long term agenda and whether central banks have an exit strategy on shrinking their balance sheets.

Finally, Rob Kirby gives advice on how to protect your wealth and stearing clear of the monetary and market manipulators in 2018.