“The Days Of $3.00 Dollar A Gallon Gasoline Are Over!” Big Oil To The American Consumer


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  • robertsgt40

    Wait til the dollar dies if you want to see high gas prices.

  • Paul R.

    In Canada the prices are already over $5. North American prices need to merge with the European countries. The banksters are winning; Welcome to the NWO!

  • ddearborn


    There are 3 big problems with this lie. First Russian scientists definitively proved in the late 1950’s that most of the oil in the world is made by the grinding of the plates in the earth and is therefore not a finite resource at all. Second the Australia discovery which is a big as Saudi Arabia’s entire reserves increases current supply hugely. And finally there is the incredible cost reductions that have been achieved within the industry over the last 3 decades in the cost of finding and bringing oil products to market. All of which prove that big is is just one big crime syndicate that routinely manipulates and fixes prices for maximum profits……


    START SWITCHING YOUR CARS TO HHO,NOW,thats WATER if you didn’t know,2 parts hydrogen,1 part oxygen,THAT EQUILS= 140 octane fuel,yea its a big secret ,but its time for it to be out of the bag,INTERNET-WATER FOR FUEL,type it in,its an easy converson and its cheap to do,…..8oz. of water will take most cars 100 miles,can you afford that????THIS gasoline thing,is the worst scam on the world in history,THEY;VE SCREWED YOU TO DEATH…………………….