The diet mixers that make you more drunk: Sugar-free versions save calories but get you tipsy quicker than full fat alternatives

  • Drinkers who choose diet mixers become intoxicated more quickly
  • Sugary drinks slow the passage of alcohol into the bloodstream
  • Diet versions do nothing to dull the effects of booze


They are popular with revellers watching their waistlines. But diet mixers make you more drunk than sugary alternatives, scientists have warned.

Women are most at risk, as they are likely to order diet mixers to save on calories, researchers said.

When men and women were given vodka mixed with either a soft drink or its sugar-free version, they became intoxicated more quickly on the diet option.

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Crucially, the vodka with diet lemonade, but not the one with the normal mixer, took them over the drink-drive limit.

Despite this, they did not feel any more inebriated and were just as likely to think they were fit to get behind the wheel.

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