The drink that means you’ll never need to eat again: 24-year-old fed up with cooking and shopping creates dinner in a glass

  • Rob Rhinehart, 24, became tired of spending time and money cooking
  • Has developed an all-in-one drink to provide all the nutrients he needs
  • Claims it contains vital elements of balanced diet with a third of the calories
  • And that he saves ‘hours a day and hundreds of dollars a month’


A man who tired of wasting time and energy cooking and eating claims to have come up with a novel solution – a cocktail that contains all the nutrients he needs to survive.

Rob Rhinehart – a 24-year-old software engineer from Atlanta – says he became fed up with the inordinate amount of time and money he spent cooking.

Determined to spend his time – and money – more effectively, he developed an ‘all-in-one’ drink to give him his complete fill of vitamins and minerals, according to the website

He claims the beige concoction – which bears a striking resemblance to pancake batter – ‘tastes great’ and he has yet to tire of it after six weeks.

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Called Soylent, he believes it contains all the vital elements of a balanced diet, but with just a third of the calories.



Carbohydrates (200g): Protein (50g): Fat (65g): Sodium (2.4g): Potassium (3.5g): Chloride (3.4g): Fibre (5g): Calcium (1g): Iron (18mg): Iodine (150ug): Magnesium (400mg): Zinc (15mg): Selenium (70ug): Copper (2mg): Manganese (2mg): Chromium (120ug): Molybdenum (75ug):  Vitamin A (5000IU):  Vitamin B6 (2mg): Vitamin B12 (6ug):  Vitamin C (60mg): Vitamin D (400IU): Vitamin E (30IU): Vitamin K (80ug): Thiamin (1.5mg): Riboflavin (1.7mg): Niacin (20mg): Folate (400ug): Biotin (300ug): Panthothenic Acid (10mg):Plus extras not considered essential:  Lycopene (500ug): Omega-3 Fatty Acids(750mg): Ginseng (50ug): Gingko Biloba (100ug): Lutein (500ug): Alpha Carotene (140ug): Vanadium (100ug)

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