The Economic Collapse Is Like A Tornado It Destroys Anything In Its Path, All Countries Are Getting Ready For The Collapse By Building Up Their Military And Positioning Their Assets All In The Dark Of The Night

Real estate is struggling along, the Republicans and Democrats are at it again arguing over the debt ceiling. War is on the horizon, there are reports that US troops are training in NC to prepare for an invasion into Syria. Russia is flexing its muscles and arming the Syrian government meanwhile the US is arming the rebels. Goldman Sachs was caught manipulating the Aluminum market and the FED’s worst nightmare is appearing across the US, INFLATION.

Ignore the hype, earnings stink

It is rare when I come down on the same side as the black helicopter crowd. Assertions that unemployment data are falsified or that America’s gold reserves are a fiction make me roll my eyes every time.

However, it’s hard not to agree with some of the doubters on one important issue lately: corporate earnings.

Earnings stink, plain and simple. And the fact that this story is squeezed from the headlines in favor of posts trumpeting new highs for the Dow Jones Industrial averageDJIA -0.28%   makes you wonder if investors are really questioning what’s behind the highs, or just cheerleading the numbers on the big board.

In this report we will discuss the latest news on the economic collapse. The public is still paying attention to the Zimmerman case, the President is out in public telling everyone it could have been him 35 years ago. Meanwhile what is really going on is that all countries are getting ready for the collapse by building up their military and positioning their assets all in the dark of the night. President Obama has made a deal that will get the gun bills signed when congress is away on recess. Everything has been completely setup for this collapse, the President is not abiding by laws he is just doing everything now to prepare for the collapse.

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Detroit’s message: Factor in the worst-case scenario 

Commentary: Robert Powell says every “what if” should be on table for public-sector workers.

Will your pension disappear, post-Detroit?

Create a ‘what if’ plan that assumes pension is cut by half

State and local government workers with traditional pension plans might want to revisit their retirement-income plans in the wake of Detroit’s filing for bankruptcy.

As many know by now, workers and retirees for that troubled city, which has an underfunded pension liability of some $3.5 billion, face the possibility that their pensions could be reduced drastically in a worst-case scenario.

61 Cities In USA Going To File Bankruptcy!

Boehner Signals Clash With White House on U.S. Debt Limit

“We’re not going to raise the debt ceiling without cuts,” Boehner. “We will not negotiate over Congress responsibility to pay bills that Congress ran up,” Carney said about Boehner’s remarks. “we are the United States; we do not default,”

Lindsey Williams How to know When the Economy Will Collapse, Currency Wars and Trade Wars


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