The Economic Recovery Has Now Been Exposed As Nothing But Propaganda

During the summer months the US and Europe were parading around that the recovery is here and unemployment is improving. Now we can see that the unemployment is getting worse, sales are down, housing bubbles, companies are showing losses but the markets are continually reaching all time highs. Israel attacked Syria and supposedly destroyed advanced missiles that Syria received from Russia. EBT funding will be decreased for the people and veterans on Nov 1. DHS and other agencies are bracing for mass riots.

The X22 Report welcomes Fabian Calvo from Fabian4Libery for this special Lunchtime interview. Fabian talks with Dave from X22 Report about the financial collapse.

Main topics discussed are Obamacare, is real estate being setup to collapse, will the reduction in EBT cause riots and is DHS preparing for these riots.

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