The Economy Is Now Showing Signs Of The Collapse, The Central Bankers/us Government Will Now Become Desperate And Push Their Agenda Forward With A False Flag

The French have to readjust their unemployment figures, they are much worse than they thought. Citigroup is warning of a collapse of Greek, Italy and Portugal and the economies in these countries are going to go from worse to really bad. The Government are now making their moving to pass the two gun bills in the Senate. They will try to convince them that the mass shooting are out of hand and they need to gun control. The central bankers/US government are losing the war in Syria and the paid mercenaries are being pushed out of the country.  The central bankers/US government will now become desperate and push their agenda forward with a false flag.


Citi forecasts Greek devastation, unstoppable debt spirals in Italy and Portugal

Eurozone debt level soars again in second quarter

October US Manufacturing Output Tumbles To 2009 Levels

Bank of America eliminates up to 1,300 mortgage jobs

U.S. sets bank liquidity plan, says tougher than Basel

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Ordinary Americans Priced Out Of Housing: Institutional Purchases Hit Record, Half Of All Deals Are “All-Cash”

Large investors take some chips off the table

SocGen Warns There Is “Possibility” Fed May Increase QE Next Week

Central Banks Drop Tightening Talk as Easy Money Goes On

Massachusetts may seek federal help on Puerto Rico debt probe

Long-Term Mutual Fund Outflows $2.16 Billion in Latest Week, ICI Says 

Italy’s Government Looks to Tap Pensions Funds

Venezuela estimates inflation at 26-28% in 2014

Chicago mayor: pension crisis threaten city services, obligation to top $1B next fiscal year

Lawmakers are warned of unfunded liabilities in pensions (Iowa)


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