The Elite Admit That Something Is Wrong With The Economy, But It’s Not Their Fault

Trump keeps promise and donates salary to National Park Service. Ralph Lauren closing store in NY. 2017 Retail bankruptcies are surging this year. The next subprime crisis is here and the corporate media doesn’t want to talk about it. Manhattan apartment prices are tumbling, over a million people left NYC since 2010. US factory order surged, not so fast most of this was based on the military. Richmond Fed Lacker was booted from the Fed because he was leaking information. Jamie Diamond says there is something wrong with the economy, but we just can’t put our finger on it


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  • Herusalem

    I’ll tell you whats wrong with it. The interest that banks and financials charge was never in the money supply to begin with. It was doomed to be a debt that could never be paid off. Fractional reserve monetary policies and shyt. WTF!

    • doodaa

      We wouldn’t pay taxes if we printed our own money.

  • John Hankinson

    Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow . . . . .

  • doodaa

    I can put a finger on it, can’t you Mr. Rothschild? Our Constitution says we, as a Nation, can print our own money. It says nothing about a private institution printing money. Does it MR. ROTHSCHILD?

  • jhnjul

    Who else could it possibly be but the elite parasites? In all reality. Why on earth do we pay homage, usury, to a private banking cabal to coin and regulate the nations currency when Congress has enumerated powers to do so, free of interest? We must all be insane. Almost time for a giant clearance sale on crooked banks?

  • TellTheTruth-2

    Econ 101 .. Guns or Butter .. and the ZioCON/Communist war mongers have STOLEN our butter to finance THE GREATER ISRAEL PROJECT, Israel’s plan to dominate the Middle East using DEAD Americans and our treasure.

    The bottom line is the ZioCON/Communists have turned our country into a police state and the Iron Curtain we used to accuse Russia of having is being brought down on the USA just like it was in Russia when the Communist/Zionists murdered 66,000,000 Christians. Communism became a way of life until Putin threw the Communists out and restored Christianity (Russian Orthodox) to Russia. That’s why they HATE him and LIE about him 24/7 on their media.

    Today the Zionist branch of Communism is doing to the USA what they did to Russia.