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The End of The Current Fiat Monetary System Is Coming, And A GOLD BACKED CURRENCY Will Replace The Fiat Petro-Dollar.

In this MUST WATCH video, Jim Rickards discusses ‘currency war games’ and how the in progress currency war between the US/West and China/Russia is likely to be played out. Not surprisingly, GOLD plays a pivotal role in the currency war games.

The end of the current fiat monetary system is coming, and a GOLD BACKED CURRENCY will replace the fiat petro-dollar.

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  • John KingofthePaupers Turmel

    A GOLD BACKED CURRENCY Will Replace The Fiat Petro-Dollar.
    Jct: Don’t think so, who’s got gold?The vast majority have only spare time. I guess we’ll have to stick to timetrading with our LETS timebanks until we dig up some yellow rock.