The Entire Russian Investigation Was LITERALLY Started By A Disgraced Hillary shill! PAUL JOSEPH WATSON BRINGING THE TRUTH

Clinton Aides Went Unpunished After Making False Statements To Anti-Trump FBI Supervisor

The FBI, IRS, DOJ, and other government agencies were effectively weaponized under the Obama administration, probably with a lot of help and advice from Clinton herself.

We have already proved the IRS was weaponized (they admitted it). We have already proved that the DOJ was weaponized to use fines as slush funds for left-wing organizations.

And now we have proof the FBI was weaponized to take out Trump and co. From the fake dossier to the unmasking to this charade of an investigation everything is tainted, corrupted, and perverted.

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They covered up the tarmac meeting, covered up uranium one, Benghazi, CLINTON EMAILS, you name it. I can’t even REMEMBER them all at this point!

Drain the swamp. Clean house NOW and restore the American peoples faith in their government. Otherwise this country could be finished and that isn’t going to far to say.



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