The Entire US Economy Is Now Signalling An Economic Collapse

December jobs soared according to the BLS, but when one looks closer at the data a person with multiple part-time jobs is counted multiple times to push the employment numbers up. Automakers are channel stuffing the dealers, wholesale to inventory ratio is signalling a depression. Retail stores report sales are absolutely horrible this year. The Baltic Dry Index continues to implode. The first 5 business days of this year have been a disaster for the economy and the stock market.


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  • geo1671

    However USA does come up with billion$ to shell out to numerous countries as bribes.Hopefully America goes into a deep deep long term depression. Many times recessions in USA had been short term and most folks think wrongly this time–USA is in alot of trouble financially and no happy days coming.
    Expect WWIII–America’s only salvation . Destroy and rebuild with millions dead but not in America–Europe Russia again :^(

    • FreddiFish

      “However USA does come up with billion$ to shell out to numerous countries as bribes…”
      Easy to do when all you have to do is enter a few ones and zeros and presto… billions of dollars are created literally out of nowhere. The thing about this that people don’t realize is that every single time this is done it destroys the buying power of the dollar. This is why this debt based system was set up in the first place and also why it is crumbling world wide… it can not sustain itself.
      We need to get rid of the whole system as this one is destroying the world’s economy one country at a time with the linchpin being the US. Unfortunately these power hungry individuals at the top have a history of starting world wide wars to cover up this system.
      Watch as the Western propaganda machine goes into overdrive against North Korea, Russia and China this year to set the ground work for a HUGE false flag that will give them the excuse to start the fireworks. They will do this while people are still reacting emotionally and have not settled down enough to look at the situation critically but by then it will be too late and everything will be set in motion.
      People need to wake the hell up already.

  • Ed Troyer

    Overthrow our khazar controllers.