The euro will implode, so I’m backing Brexit

I’m certainly not backing Brexit to be popular. While British voters as a whole remain evenly split, most of my London-based media colleagues staunchly back Remain. “Only the old, racist or stupid want Brexit,” is the basic view of the British media class…

The EU accounts for 45pc of all UK trade and falling, down from 55pc five years ago. Europe is the world’s slowest-growing continent, apart from Antarctica. The Treasury claims British households will be £4,300 a year worse off by 2030 with the OECD’s ‘Brexit shockwave’ casting us into penury. These ridiculous rigged ‘studies’ are all part of Project Fear – designed to scare voters… The EU suits big UK corporates, banks and professional firms, as Brussels-based lobbying and red tape keeps smaller challengers at bay.

Europe simply isn’t working. The central pillar of “ever closer union” – the euro – is doing untold damage. Locked in a high-currency straitjacket, Greece and Spain are suffering 40-50pc youth unemployment. Italy, having barely grown since the euro’s 1999 launch, is on the brink of a major banking crisis. Unable to depreciate their currencies, such economies are being sacrificed on the altar of “more Europe”. When the euro implodes, as it will, the big EU economies will pick up the tab.

Hailing from a long line of Irish builders who came to London, I always back immigration. But when the pace is as fast as it is now, big firms prosper while economically vulnerable working people see their wages flattened. That’s why, across Europe, nasty parties opposing all immigration are rapidly attracting voters. Unless “freedom of movement” is modified, restoring public trust in immigration, British and European politics will get ugly – and dangerous.