The Fed a private family is controlling the markets, keeping interest rates at ZERO and bailing out Europe? Where did they get the money

I’m sick and tired of hearing about everything that the Fed is buying. The Fed is buying treasuries, the fed is buying mortgage backed securities, the fed is bailing out the banks of Europe, the Fed is keeping interest rates at 0, the fed is, the fed, is, the fed, is!!!!!!

Everyone is watching the FED, why the hell don’t they use names. The Federal Reserve is a privately owned bank, has no reserves, and is not, I repeat not federal.

Somehow magically the ability to create money out of thin air without ever having the responsibility to ever pay it back is bestowed upon a select few ultra secretive people.

They are truly wizards, conjuring up some magical spell over an entire populace as if they have some divine resource for all their wealth that is just magically handed to them from another realm that doesn’t exist here on earth and no one else has access to.

You know as a child I had a very vivid imagination, I was very creative, but I was always told that some day I would have to grow up and live in the real world. What a crock of total shit that was. The real world? I’ve never seen such make believe in my life. Good thing the dollar says “In God We Trust” because you would have to have a faith greater than anything here on earth to actually believe in this system.

Look, these are people, they are not super human, they walk, talk, breath air, bleed, shit, piss, and there is absolutely nothing, I repeat nothing special about them. They do not have superior IQ’s they do not come from another dimension, they do not ride unicorns, or fly on winged horses. They do not have a rainbow at which they go to collect gold every day.

The only thing they have is your blind faith, their temples of marble, their printing presses, their own police, their politicians, their rigged elections, their mercenary military, and the illusion that it is all theirs, and you are weak, and you have no power.

Private families, private families, private families.

A private family is keeping the interest rate at 0 today.
A private family is bailing out the banks of Europe to prop up the Euro.
A private family is calling for harsh austerity upon the people to pay back the debt on money that never existed that they lent.
A private family is buying mortgage backed securities.
What is the market going to do? It is clearly going to go higher as long as the private family keeps injecting money they don’t have.
A private family is buying our nations treasuries.
The private family received more power from the President and Congress today in order to protect our nation from fraud and corruption on wall street.
A private family now has their own police force.
A private family is where your penalties for not buying Obamacare will be sent.
A private family is ready to receive your taxes (their share of your labor) and lend that money back to your puppets in government to finance the next year of going further into debt.
A private family!!!!!

Do you get it?

The private family (FED) bailing out Europe.

Wall Street Journal, Fed (a private family) largest buyer of treasuries.

How The Fed’s Latest QE Is Just Another European Bailout

As shown above, cash held by foreign-related branches operating in the US has surpassed that of domestic banks only for the fourth time in history, the first being the end of QE2 when Europe was again “fixed” (just before it broke), the second was just before the coordinated central bank bailout of Europe in November 2011, the third was May 2012 just before Spanish spreads soared to record highs, and now.

With all of the above, anyone who was wondering where all those hundreds of billions in Fed cash created out of thin air were going now knows the answer: straight into the coffers of mostly European banks operating in the US.