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The fiscal pact is dead: The end of the EU has begun

“The failure of the EU Commission with the saving program for Europe marks the end of the EU as we know it. In addition, however, the euro-opponents can not rejoice. For now it goes to the numbers: debt, derivatives, overburdened pension funds will take their toll.”



EU Sets Deficit Targets as Brussels Softens Austerity Message


Austerity About-Face: German Government to Gamble on Stimulus

“With the euro crisis refusing to relent, the German government is backing away from its austerity mandates and planning to spend billions to stimulate ailing economies in Southern European. But can the program succeed?”


America let the Euro zone look really old

The U.S. has again become the most competitive economy – Europe’s states falling. Alarming: Not only southern European crisis countries fall back, even countries such as the Netherlands or Finland. Europe is in decline.



“Several German and Greek Sloggers have sent me this week’s big story from Spiegel: ‘the German government is backing away from its austerity mandates and planning to spend billions to stimulate ailing economies in Southern Europe’. But Berlin won’t be ‘stimulating’ anything except its popularity in preparation for the September 2013 general election.”



Former Chancellor Schmidt: EU is in deep crisis


‘Truly Abysmal': Europe Needs Overhaul, EU Commissioner Says

“Many European leaders have recently suggested that the Continent is on the road to economic recovery. EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger, however, says the bloc is in a “truly abysmal state” and that France, in particular, needs reform.”



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  • Big M

    How could anybody have NOT seen this coming years ago, when the Euro was never backed by anything at all? It was pure fiat from the beginning. And there were lots of people such as myself who WERE saying this from the beginning.