The four places to find the world’s best dividend stocks

From Dividend Growth Stocks:

According to ‘,’ the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is the the largest stock exchange in the world by dollar volume, with over 2,500 listed securities. NYSE is operated by NYSE Euronext, the holding company created by the combination of NYSE Group, Inc. and Euronext N.V.

The NYSE is closely followed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange with a total market capitalization of over $5 trillion and 2,271 domestic companies listed. Next up is the London Stock Exchange. It is the world’s oldest stock exchange, listing around 3,000 companies.

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When considering all the remaining stock exchanges, I couldn’t begin to estimate how many different stocks are traded around the world. Like everything else, there are many participants, but few players.

Though the population of stocks may be large, there are only a precious few that are worthy dividend stocks. When spending my time looking for worthy investments, there are four primary places I look:

I. S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats

These stocks are the best of the best — the blue blood stocks. S&P maintains the list. Here is…

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