The Government Is Broke And They’re Coming For Your Cash, The Next Event Will Bring The World To Its Knees

The Government is agreeing on the debt ceiling. This does not fix the problem its a temporary fix. The Government is pushing the banks outside of the country to report the money in foreign accounts. Chase is no longer allowing wire transfers out of the country. The housing market is still declining and mortgage companies are laying off thousands of people. The next event will bring the world to its knees.


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  • Incriminally Sane

    By raising the debt ceiling, they have approved of more “QE” measures and legal looting of the money of Americans which is likely going to be utilized to finance the next “Event” in this country.

  • Yuri Aleksev

    I think the USA government could pay its external debt of 20 trillions or more just printing money non stop for a couple of weeks and then be freed from the Fed. Is this not a good idea? Hehehehehe..
    I mean using the same tactic and methods being used by the Fed. And as well why to steal money from citizens if they can print money?
    There are some things i can not understand.