The government just sent a huge potential warning on Bitcoin

From Zero Hedge:

Just six weeks after the U.S. Treasury decided enough was enough with this upstart non-fiat, non-controlled-by-TPTB currency (and applied money-laundering reglations), U.S. financial regulators are now looking for supervisory control over Bitcoin.

As the FT reports, CFTC’s Bart Chilton notes “it’s not monopoly money — real people have real risk in these instruments,” and that regulating the controversial cyber-currency “is sure something [CFTC] needs to explore.”

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Chilton’s remit to regulate this “shadow currency” is predicated on it becoming a basis for derivative contracts as opposed to purely transactional (akin to the monitoring of physical oil transactions that can influence crude futures).

Since the Treasury’s March decision, at least three North American companies have had their accounts seized by the banks…

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