The Math of The Greatest Wealth Transfer In Human History – Silver to $190,000

Silver to $190,000 | The Math of The Greatest Wealth Transfer

Just what would it take to initiate the greatest wealth transfer in human history? Silver bugs massively understate what the spot-price would have to be in order to achieve this paradigm shift… | is a full spectrum media experience for all things investment related. We utilize our proprietary probability model, which features a unique blend of technical and cyclical analysis, to alert our premium subscribers to profitable trades.


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  • Mayer

    In terms of what?? You do NOT understand physical gold and silver. You are comparing it to FIAT DOLLARS. NO AMMOUNT OF FIAT WILL BE ABLE TO PURCHASE PHYSCIAL GOLD AND SILVER when the dollar busts.
    How many zimbawe note to buy a ounce of silver today!! billion?trillion/quadrillion who fckn cares.
    Peru will get oil and wheat and fruit and any other frckn commodity they want in the relative same exchange for what they are now— in terms of PHYSCIAL SILVER AND GOLD!!! If they bought in worthless fiat it would be infinite…

    How much gas can you buy with a pre-1967 QUARTER IN 1967? APROX 1 GALLON!

    HOW MUCH GAS CAN YOU BUY TODAY WITH A SILVER Quarter? Aprox but more then 1 GALLON!


  • Who would pay you?

    They never said the transfer would be between nations. Your methodology is ridiculous. This whole exercise was a silly waste of time…I will be sending you an invoice for the 42 seconds I spent watching chunks of your video.

  • Ken Brodeur

    Historically, one ounce of silver bought a weeks worth of groceries. So figure out what that is in your favorite fiat paper.

  • Joe

    Why get excited that your silver would suddenly buy millions of (now relatively worthless) dollars? So what? It would still buy roughly the same amount of electricity, sugar, or gasoline that it does now.